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The cover art for Dionne Farris’ Wild Seed - Wild Flower (1994).
I still have this album on tape.  I could never give it up.  Looking back I appreciate Farris’ style and aesthetic (especially this album cover) in an entirely different way.  She wasn’t out to impress anyone or sexualize herself.  
My great-grandmother Marie Dewil (left), my Oma Suzanne Degel (right) and my great-uncle Hilaire Dewil (front).  
The picture was taken by great-grandfather, Armand Dewil.

Björk - “Sun In My Mouth (Recomposed by Ensemble)”

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Bart the Bear 2 photographed at the Seus’ ranch in March 2014.
I love Bart and was fortunate enough to meet his predecessor as a kid.  I even re-christened my teddy bear after him.
I was thrilled when he showed up on Game Of Thrones, to say the least. 
"Time heals what reason cannot."

Nicole Kidman in Sami Saif’s Dogville Confessions (2003). 
A drawing of a sketching umbrella in Daniel Burleigh Parkhurst’s The Painter In Oil (1898).
Cygnus // brothers, OR.
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Shel Silverstein, resident badass.
Hamlet by John Austen (Folger Shakespeare Library)
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