laudanum at 33

Hope Sandoval and David Roback of Mazzy Star, photographer and year unknown.
From Georges Méliès’s L’éclipse Du Soleil En Pleine Lune (1907).
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An etching of a dodo from A German Menagerie Being A Folio Collection Of 1100 Illustrations Of Mammals And Birds (1841) by Edouard Poppig.
A Piermaria chromatic accordion.

Mark Lubotsky - “Partita For Violin No. 3 - Preludio”

Fiona Apple and her sister, cabaret singer Maude Maggart.
Clover Followed Her Imaginary Friend Everywhere (2014)Amanda BlakePrint of Original Oil Painting10 x 12 Inches
A still of Ambyr Childers, Julia Warner and Jack Gore in Jim Mickle’s We Are What We Are (2013).

Kurt Cobain - “Do Re Mi”

My favorite demo/unfinished song, hands down.  Gets to me every time I hear it.