laudanum at 33

Model and activist Lily Cole photographed by Ezra Petronio for SHOWstudio in 2004.
The apartment from my SFAA series.  I drew it myself and it was effortless- I had already mapped out the entire space in my head.
I can do the same for most of the places in my current project, I’m just too intimidated (there are so many) and wonder if I have the time.
The cover art for Fréhel’s Comme Un Moineau (1925).
Entertainer, activist and all around badass Josephine Baker, photographed in the 1920s.

Man Man - “Steak Knives”

Henry Darger’s studio and writing space, discovered after his death in 1973.
"Getting up is easy
Beaten up, still easy
Cutting off is easy
Tearing down is easy"

Stina Nordenstam, “The End Of A Love Affair”
Hope Sandoval and David Roback of Mazzy Star, photographer and year unknown.
From Georges Méliès’s L’éclipse Du Soleil En Pleine Lune (1907).
(via nitratediva)
An etching of a dodo from A German Menagerie Being A Folio Collection Of 1100 Illustrations Of Mammals And Birds (1841) by Edouard Poppig.
A Piermaria chromatic accordion.